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Posted in News on Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Kisakye Ministries Uganda

Neptune Group - Charitable Foundation

Neptune Group Charitable Foundation, which was registered in 2018, is delighted to announce that it has made its first grant, to Kisakye Ministries in Uganda. Kisakye’s mission is to “empower families by providing them with housing, education and farmland to encourage lasting self-sustainability.” It’s run by Hannah and Chris, a young couple from Northern Ireland, and over a number of years of visiting Uganda they have facilitated the building of a number of houses for displaced families, creating a new village called “Kisakye, which means grace in the Luganda language. Neptune has given a donation enabling Kisakye to build the 9th house in the village, and Chris and Hannah are currently working with the local community to identify the most suitable family to move into this new house being built and join the community at Kisakye.

The photos show the progress of building the house, which comes with land around it for the family to cultivate, and our contribution also ensures that the family that will be located into the house will have access to education for their children, as well as learning some of the skills needed to generate income for themselves in this new setting.

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